Student-athlete development

Career Development

The Office of Student-Athlete Development is committed to educating student-athletes on the proficiencies and strategies necessary to develop career success during their time at Virginia Tech and beyond. Similar to their athletic development, exposure to opportunities to utilize and refine those skills in real-world situations only enhances their likelihood for success. The office collaborates with Virginia Tech Career Services in order to enhance career development skills and opportunities for personal and professional growth.


The programs offered by the Office of Student-Athlete Development include, but are not limited to:

  • Interests clarification and career exploration
  • Career/Internship Fair preparation
  • Internship, post-graduate scholarship, and job search strategies
  • Networking and interviewing preparation
  • Athletic transition and transferable skill identification
  • Partnerships with professional organizations

Career Game Plan

The Office of Student-Athlete Development has created the Career Game Plan, a targeted student-athlete career development program to help facilitate a student-athlete’s transition to their professional aspirations. As a result of the Career Game Plan, student-athletes will gain insight into unique aspects of career development throughout their tenure at Virginia Tech, essentially serving as stepping stones on their paths to post graduate success. Upon successful completion of this program, each student-athlete will be provided with a complimentary interview suit to launch their career after their academic and athletic days at Virginia Tech are complete.